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can you 'damage' the pouch by what you eat?
A dietitian friend (same one from the other thread, but thought I'd create a new topic if anyone else had this question) told me that I can damage my pouch by eating certain things such as coffee, soda etc. She said that coffee destroys the lining of the intestine. What are everyone's thoughts on this?

While there are certainly foods that give us problems, I had always thought that these were to be avoided just for the sake of feeling well and convenience. But can what we eat also affect the long term health and composition of the pouch? I know there is no conclusive study on this but is there anything suggestive of this notion?
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This can be a very controversial subject...
First off I would divide things into 2 groups...Those with healthy pouches and those with sick ones (crohns, pouchitis, IPS...), those would be pouches with much more sensitivity and therefore may be more suseptible to irritants like coffee etc...but healthy pouches that have no underlying sensitivities could do just great on bad diets...
I lived for years on a very restricted diet due to finances...essentially rice, yoghurt and coffee & coke. I drank at least 20 coffees/day on an empty stomach without incident. My pouch was just fine (my waistline, not so much)...
I know pouchers, k and j who can eat anything, drink anything and come out smiling...other can't but I am not sure that there is a general rule that is written in stone.
It is maybe preferable to eat healthy (duh!) but not dangerous for your pouch if you don' might want to creat a poll to see what people think, it would give you better percentages.
Ps, how are you doing?

It could be worse...oh, already has been! then I guess it can only get better from here....
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I'm with Sharon on this, unless you have other conditions, food and beverages are not damaging. Some people have their own thoughts and beliefs on this subject. BTW, I drink 4-6 shots of espresso a day. No problems with that regime.

Sue Big Grin

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That is a good question. I eat anything and everything except for gluten (95% of the time). I do sometimes have an upset pouch, but I never learn Smiler I don't know if anything is actually damaging though.

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This idea sounds like a heck of a stretch. The pouch is just restructured ileum, though it gets a bit more like colon over time. Plenty of us have individual food sensitivities, and plenty have IBS, but these have essentially nothing to do with the pouch.


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Highly doubtful that you can "damage" your pouch. My sister has had her j pouch for 22 years and drinks coffee everyday.I drink a lot of coffee too. Maybe if you drink gallons a day! I don't like soda so I don't drink that.


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