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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Hi everyone,

Does anyone out there have pelvic floor dysfuntion? Does it affect our pouches? Any information would be so appreciated.

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My daughter was just tested and they said she has it. She is scheduled for biofeedback. She is having a hard time emptying her pouch and also has pain. She likely has other things going on that are also being sorted out as well. Not exactly sure how it would affect the pouch other than evacuation.
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I had it after my take down back in October 2010 couldn't empty my pouch had all 3 of my surgeries at Cleveland Clinic. I meant with a physical therapist who was trained in women's health and I had bio-feedback and she manually stretched my pouched sorry to be graphic it hurt but it worked. Had therapy for about 6 months now everything is fine. Can't beleive it will be 2 years this October 7 that I had my takedown.
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I was told I had pelvic dysfunction and cuffitis. Given Canasa. Said he thought both would help. I was having problems emptying. Two ulcers in the anal canal. Therapst had me do exercises. At the end he evaluated my progress and pelvic was back to normal but didn't help problem emptying. Told doctor therapst thinks it had to do with dysfunction of pouch but doctor said I didn't need to be revaluated. I am not positive but I think my problem is a hemroid. I have problems when stool is certain consistency. Getting very frustrate. sorry to sound gross but don't have the recipe for it to come out good all the time. I go from one extreme to the other which would cause other problems. It did correct a problem that I've had but not why I was there. Evidently it can affect the pouch. Maybe bio-feedback will help. Let us know.
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Cc Rocks! So glad to hear of your success. I have been having problems since m first surgery. Ive had my last 2 out of 6 up at CC and am under the care of the great and wonderful Shen, who has been amazing. They just figured out that I have pelvic floor dysfunction. How did your biofeedback therapy go? I have a prolapse that they won't attempt to fix until I do 10 sessions of biofeedback. The only thing is I live in Nashville. Not quite sure if they can do the sessions back to back or if it has to be drawn out over a period of time? Thank you for sharing your experience.


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Ms.M: Have you started bio feedback? Is it working? It may be advised for my son. Thanks
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