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WHat does a blockage feel like???
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I have some swelling on my left side and I'm not passing anything. I feel a ton of pressure and it hurts to stand. I can hear and feel air moving around near the spot but it won't go beyond it. I have only been eating oatmeal, yogurt and plain pasta. I am only just over three weeks out of my takedown so I am really new to all of this. What's going on with me????
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Hi Sara, my name is Sara too!

I have had numerous partial blockages both with my ostomy and jpouch but not full obstructions. Anway, from what you are describing I would go to the ER if you're not passing ANYTHING at all and you're in serious pain. If you're passing a litle bit it may be a partial blockage and you can either go to the ER or hold off til tomorrow if you can stand it and then go in.

When i've had my blockages I experience extreme pain. Usually always go to the ER because the pain alone is unbearable. I normally would get to the point where I felt like I was filling up, if that makes sense. Like everything I was eating wasn't coming out...just piling up on top of each other and then i'd start throwing up. I was able to have small bowel movements but not much would come out and it would be even looser than usual. Almost like water.

You can try not eating and just doing things like hot tea. That helps a lot of people. Also drinking things that have a laxative effect like grape juice. Walking around if you can.

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It does sound like a blockage. I would not eat anything until it is cleared. Oatmeal and pasta could cause further blockage. If you're hurting, I would go to ER.
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Yes it could be a blockage. There is also sometimes horrible cramping above the blockage. No solid foods. Lots and lots of liquids, water, grape juice, tea, etc. And move around. Get up and walk, try to massage your tummy in the area you might think the blockage is in. It seems as if this is only a partial blockage so you may be able to do it without going to the er.
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I'm suffering as we speak. I too eat a low residue (BORING) diet and still get blockages about twice a year. All the advice here is good, but if you aren't passing anything go to the ER. It sucks, but placement of an NG tube, (the worst thing in awake medicine) will fix it usually. Best of luck to us both! Frowner(

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blockage feel like someone is grabbing your belley. stayway from fruits and veg. and drink water and gatorade not powerade,cause it has vitiams like magnessium,b12 and that can cause discomfort. ask your doctor for oxycodones they will give you them. i been on pain meds since surgery and that was june 2010. and i had a bad blockage when i have my colon taken out. it was so bad take i had to put the pump to my stoma in the hospital and i filled up that container next to the bed 14 times. that **** hurt bad. and i had two infection after surgery and they put drain tubes in my side.
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for year I would get really sick and go to bed but then in the morning was better. that happened for years. then I thought I just had a stomach virus b/c it was going around but mine kept lasting when others were better in a few days. No stool was coming out and kept throwing up. it did feel like someone was grabbing my stomach. very painful. was in hospital for a wk and then transferred to another. this is what I was told. not sure what the other doctor was doing. stayed in hospital few more days and was released but put on strict diet to hopefully not obstruct before surgery. thought scar tissue was causing the problem so surgery was done for it and j-pouch prolapse. I was told that bowel obstruction can actually correct itself but if it does not it can be very serious. not sure if I was but somebody knowledgeable (not a doctor or nurse) said that she thought I might be throwing up bowel and definitly need to bee seen right away so I did.
I hope this can help you some. All I can to is to post my experience and hope by going through it and sharing I might can help someone else.
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The best way I can describe blockage pain - labor!

The cramping reminded me of being in labor all over again. I've gone to the ER two times for blockages begging for pain meds and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain.

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Blockage happens often. You have to stop eating and drink juices (grape is best) It will tranform your stool into liquid and will be easier to pass. I have an anal catheter (tranparent tube with 4 holes) that I insert to relieve myself when I am blocked. Blockage can be due to many things : food (you should eat no nuts, corn, raw vegetables or mushrooms) or gas that is harder to pass at the end of the BM. A catheter is very handy to have in those cases. Also, always use babywipes. It will protect the skin on and around your anus. Since I've used the wipes (everytimes) I don't hurt or hich anymore. Good luck
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